Play and win

As fellow hunters, we truly understand the importance of hunting equipment and channel our own personal attitude into highly valued products. The thermal clip-on VIPER is one such product of passion and expertise!

Hunters know how special some moments can be, this is why they trust NITEHOG to make the most of them!

To celebrate the thrill of the hunt and the satisfaction that only exquisite hunting equipment can bring, we are organizing our first NITEHOG campaign. From this campaign you can emerge as a winner, not only because you will have the opportunity to win the new thermal imaging clip-on VIPER 50 Next , but also because your photos and publications will serve as a professional presentation of a NITEHOG product in action!

To participate, you only need to:
  • Like and follow us in our Socials.
  • Post a picture of your experience with any NITEHOG device – CAIMAN, CHAMELEON, VIPER 35, GECKO 35 or PYTHON in a comment of our Facebook post about the game, along with the hashtag #nitehoghunter or
  • Make a story of your NITEHOG experience in Instagram, share it with hashtag #nitehoghunter and tag us.
Doing that once every month from August 1st until December 24th makes you eligible to win different kinds of merchandise every single month. Winners will be drawn via a raffle.

But that’s not all. Be active and win VIPER 50 Next!

Even if you don’t win one of our monthly prizes, your luck might be saving itself for the big one – VIPER 50, the new, exquisite NITEHOG product, which will take your hunting game to the next level. The winner of that will also be drawn via a raffle on December 24th among the 20 most active subscribers.

Information about the terms and conditions of this promotion can be found published on the following link.