Social Media Giveaway/Contests T&C „NITEHOG Hunters“


The contest is organized under the name “NITEHOG Hunters”. The contest is organized on the territory of EU and takes place only and only on the official Facebook and Instagram page of “NITEHOG”:

– Facebook: “Nitehog Europe GmbH”
– Instagram: “nitehog”

Duration of the contest: “01.08.2022 – 24.12.2022” inclusive. The content of these rules is available to anyone who has expressed an interest during the period of organization of the contest, counted from its opening until the distribution of the prizes of the contest.


1. Organizer of the contest. The contest is organized by NITEHOG BULGARIA JsC. with headquarters and management address – 6 Lavski Rid Str., Sofia, Bulgaria, with VAT BG202682893, hereinafter referred to as the Organizer.

2. Participants.

2.1. Any person over the age of 18 who lives or temporarily resides in the territory of the EU can participate in the contest.

2.2. Prizes from the contest will not be distributed to employees of the organizing company ( and their relatives) and employees of the organizing company (and their relatives) and employees (and their relatives) of any company that has been involved in the organization (e.g. law firms and advertising companies) are excluded from participating in contests.

2.3. The Organizer reserves the right to change or supplement the Official Rules, and the changes come into force after they are published on the official page of the Organizer –

2.4. By participating in the Game, participants are bound by these Official Rules and agree to abide by the official terms and conditions.


1. The contest covers the period: 24.07.2022 – 24.12.2022 including.

2. It is not allowed to participate from fake profiles and through any other methods in order to increase the chance of winning. In case of suspected abuse, the Organizer has the right to disqualify participants.

3. The contest is organized and conducted in the Internet space, focused on Germany and Austria. Prizes won from the contest are delivered only to the territory of Germany and Austria.


1. Any person who meets the conditions specified in section II, item 2, hereinafter referred to as Participant, has the right to participate in the promotion.

2. To participate in the promotion, the participant must have an active profile on the social network Facebook or Instagram.

3. Within the promotion period, the participant should like, share, tag and/or post a picture of his own according to the order described by the Organizer in the relevant visual post, which was previously published on the specified official page of “NITEHOG” and in the description of which it is specifically mentioned that it will be used for the game. To be eligible to participate in the Game, the entrant must follow all additional terms and conditions described in the Game Posting Condition/s.

4. Only the participants who met the full requirements of the game will be ranked in the final stage of the promotion.

5. If the participant gives more than one answer/suggestion, the first one mentioned will be considered as his only participation, regardless of which of the Organizer’s official pages.

6. Comments that include the following content are not allowed:

6.1. Contain political, religious, racist, Nazi propaganda and/or symbols, as well as incitement to ethnic conflict;

6.2. They violate copyright, property and other rights, borrow other people’s inscriptions and links.

6.3. Contain offensive words, obscene symbols and/or offensive gestures or postures, or are offensive in nature regardless of the object of the offense.

6.4. Promote drugs or other illegal and intoxicating substances, including images of syringes, marijuana, lines of powder, etc.

6.5. Of a pornographic nature, containing any material from the porn industry.

6.6. Contain some form of violence regardless of its object.

6.7. They cause disgust and/or dislike in the viewer.

6.8. They are not amateur/proprietary/ photos or not sent with the knowledge and consent of the photographer.

7. Based on the names indicated in the Facebook/Instagram profile of the participants, the Organizer, with the help of a jury, compiles a list of those names who participated within the campaign, in order to determine a winning participant at random.


1. The prize availables within the promotion are:

– the BIG prize is Multifunctional thermal-imaging device VIPER50, awarded by the end of the promotion;

– Knife set, four-legged shooting aid, water resistant backpack hereinafter known as Monthly prizes, available for August, September, October, November and December.

In total, the prizes are 16 separate for 16 entrants who entered under the respective game post on Facebook and Instagram. No purchase of product/s is required in the game and the final winner is drawn at random.

2. All prizes are awarded in accordance with the provisions of the tax legislation in force in the country.

3. One participant can win one prize.


1. The organizer appoints an internal committee for the purpose of monitoring and controlling the correctness of the organization of the raffles. The committee consists of a minimum of 3 people appointed by the Organizer.

2. All actions carried out by the Commission shall be recorded, describing the results of the actions carried out in the organization of the withdrawals.


1. The distribution of prizes will be carried out as follows:

Based on the names indicated on the participants’ Facebook/Instagram profiles, the Organizer, with the help of a jury, compiles a list of these names in order to determine the 16 winning participants.

2. The determination of these 16 winning entrants will be made at random through automated prize drawing software in the presence of the committee appointed by the Organizer.


1. The results will be announced through posts on the Organizer’s Facebook/Instagram page.


2. Delivery of the raffle prizes

2.1. After the announcement of the winners, the winning Participant must contact the Organizer via a private message on the Facebook/Instagram page where the promotion is taking place; The Organizer shall also attempt to contact the winner(s) if no response is received from the winning entrant. If this is not technically possible due to a ban on receiving messages by the user or any other technical reason, the winning Participant must contact the Organizer to provide them with their three names, prize delivery address and telephone number in order and manner specified by the Organizer. If this is not done within 7 working days after the announcement of the prize winners, the Organizer will proceed with a reserve participant who is part of previously drawn runners-up. After receiving the participant’s address, the Organizer sends the prize by registered mail to a courier or delivers it through an authorized representative to the address specified by the participant within 7 working days after providing the necessary delivery information.

2.2. In the event that the entrant whose data is drawn in the raffle is unable to receive the prize in accordance with the rules of this promotion or loses his right to the prize drawn, or in the event that he renounces the prize, the drawn prize is awarded to the first reserve entrant on the list. Delivery rules for drawn prizes apply accordingly, with the Organizer contacting the first reserve entrant.

2.3. In the event that the first reserve entrant on the list is unable to receive the prize under the rules of this promotion or loses his right to the prize, or in the event that he renounces the prize, the delivery rules for the prizes drawn shall apply accordingly to the next entrant on the list .

3. Detailed rules for the announcement of the results and delivery of the prizes

3.1. Unreceived mail items are considered regularly delivered after the expiration of 5 days from the receipt of notice of the mail item at the address or telephone number indicated by the winning participant.

3.2. Prizes cannot be exchanged for other prizes or for their cash value.

3.3. In the event that it is established that any of the prizes have been awarded to a person referred to in Article 2, point 2.2., section II above, that person will be omitted from the distribution of the prizes. The Organizer has the right to require the Participant to make an appropriate statement before and after receiving the prize.

4. When receiving/delivering the prizes, the participants are obliged to confirm the receipt of the prize in writing on a handover protocol provided by the courier or an authorized representative of the company. The recipient must certify that he is of legal age. If the recipient is a minor, he loses the right to receive the prize won. Prizes may only be claimed in person or by an authorized representative of the Participant. Failure to confirm, inability or refusal to do so upon receipt of the prize renders receipt of the prize impossible. In the event of such inability to deliver/receive the prize in accordance with the procedure described above, the entrant forfeits its right to the prize. The same rules apply accordingly to the reserve winning participants.

5. The winner of the game voluntarily agrees to be photographed with the prize at the time of its receipt solely and exclusively for the purposes of promotion, certification of its validity to other participants, the official announcement of its end, as well as for internal purposes.


1. Appeal and complaints procedure.
Each participant has the right to make an inquiry in connection with this promotion, counted from the date of its opening until the expiration of 14 /fourteen/ calendar days from the deadline for the delivery of the most recently determined prizes. The deadline is considered met if the postmark indicates the last day of the deadline. Inquiries/complaints submitted after the deadline will not be considered. Inquiries / complaints must be submitted in writing to the Organizer’s address with the text “Inquiry” or “Complaint”. The document must contain the name, surname and surname of the sender, exact address of the participant, the inquiry/complaint itself with motivation/justification and signature. The document must be submitted by the participant or his authorized representative.

2. Inquiries/complaints are considered by the Organizer within 14 calendar days from the date of their receipt. When considering them, the Organizer applies the rules of this promotion. The Participant is notified of the Organizer’s decision by registered letter sent to the address specified in the inquiry/complaint within 14 days of receiving the inquiry/complaint.

3. The Organizer’s decisions are final and binding.


1. Responsibility of the Organizer

1.1. The Organizer’s liability to the participant is limited to the value of the prize he is entitled to receive.

1.2. The organizer is not responsible for the Internet communication through which the participants participate in the promotion.

2. Responsibility for postal items

2.1. The Organizer is not responsible for the delivery, correctness and speed of postal items delivered with a postal service provider regarding letters, telegrams and other postal items sent on behalf of the Organizer or by/to the Organizer in connection with this promotion.

2.2. The Organizer is not responsible for errors related to delayed deliveries or non-delivery of prizes caused by incorrect indication or errors in the address provided by the raffle entrant to which the prize was sent.

2.3. The organizer is not responsible for the change of address of the participant in the raffle or change in other data that makes it impossible to send the prize to him, as well as for the impossibility of receiving or non-receipt of the prize by the participant for any other reason at his place. In these cases, the awarded participant loses the right to receive the prize.


1. All disputes arising in connection with these rules or with the organized promotion shall be resolved by agreement and mutual concessions. In the event of failure to reach an agreement, the dispute shall be referred to the competent court at the seat of the Organizer.

2. By participating in the promotion, the participant confirms acceptance of the rules set out here, as well as his consent to the processing of his personal data for the purposes of the organized promotion.


I. Responsible for the processing of personal data:

A personal data administrator within the meaning of the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data is:

NITEHOG BULGARIA Jsc., with headquarters and address of management: 6 Lavski Rid Str., Sofia, Bulgaria, VAT:BG202682893, which is also the Organizer of the Promotion

Contact person in connection with the processing of personal data: e-mail address: [email protected]

II. What personal data is collected:

Depending on the promotional activity/game, the personal data processed during participation in the Games:

– Names;

– Email address;

– Contact phone number;

– Usernames and profile pictures;

– Photos and comments when required by the respective game;

– Other personal data provided by you in the process of your participation in the Games.

Depending on the promotional activity/game, the personal data that is processed when winning a prize from the Games is:

– Names, address/es, with a view to delivery of the prizes, contact telephone number, photo of the winning participant

Legal grounds for processing your personal data – art. 6, item 1 a) of the General Data Protection Regulation – consent. Participation in the Games is voluntary and not tied to the purchase of a product. Taking a participation action is considered a freely expressed, specific, informed and unequivocal consent for the related personal data to be processed for the purposes of participation in the relevant game.

It is not a legal or contractual requirement for you to provide your personal data for the purposes of your participation in the game, but in the event that you do not provide your personal data, you will not be able to participate in the relevant game.

Personal data are not subject to automated decision-making, including profiling.

III. Why personal data is collected:

Personal data is collected for the purposes of:

Participation in the relevant Game organized by the administrator;

Awarding of prizes to winners;

Fulfillment of legal requirements and/or protection of legitimate interest of administrators or third parties.

IV. With whom personal data is shared:

Your/personal data will be provided to the organizer of the game. Your personal data will not be shared with third parties, except with:

a) employees of the Organizer;

b) other persons engaged by the Organizer in conducting the Game;

c) processors on behalf of the Organizer (if any);

d) courier services with a view to providing the prizes to the winners;

e) other third parties, if there is a legal requirement for such provision or in order to protect the legitimate interest of the Organizer or a third party.

V. How long personal data is kept

The data will be stored for a period that is necessary to achieve the aforementioned purposes, after which it will be destroyed.

In some cases, we may have legal or regulatory obligations that require us to retain specific personal data for a certain period of time.

VI. Personal data information

We take steps to restrict access to your personal data to persons who need to have access to it for one of the purposes listed in this Privacy Notice. In addition, under additional arrangements, we ensure that a third party that processes your personal data ensures the confidentiality and integrity of your data in a secure manner.