About us

Nitehog Europe GmbH is a family company that develops, manufactures, and distributes state-of-the-art multi-purpose thermal imaging devices that focus on precision, resilience, reliability, and uncompromised quality.

We deliver products to 15+
markets around the world

We have an ever-growing community of partners, dealers, and distributors that deliver Nitehog products across the world.

200+ stores offering Nitehog products across Europe

30 R&D specialists and engineers

300+ employees working on our products

What we stand for

Time is the most valuable asset we have. Every moment is precious and we at Nitehog want to help you keep it as an unforgettable experience. Because you deserve the best and that is our daily goal! This is what our family and the entire team at Nitehog stands for with enthusiasm, with courage for innovation in development, experience, competence in manufacturing and uncompromising quality of thermal imaging optics on the first class/ excellent level!

European authenticity created by practitioners

We create the Nitehog products with genuine care and unmatched insight.
Why? Because each and every one on our team – an engineer, an operator, a manager – is not only passionate about nature and hunting but has also turned their passion into a profession. That inner drive brings out the best in us. It helps us meet the high expectations we set ourselves to deliver outstanding products.

Simply, it all starts with a great idea we take to heart. Our R&D engineers combine their expertise to create a product more authentic than any other. Then, we let our closest partners test it and we fuse their experiences into the initial design to polish the product even further.

And we only trust ourselves about making it. Our development and production engineers make each component in-house. They ensure delivery with uncompromised precision and attention to the very last detail by following numerous international standards. Then, our quality assurance team takes over to perform rigorous testing on every product.
And as soon as we know everything is precisely as it should be, we deliver to you a product that sharpens your senses and encourages you to maximize your outdoor experiences.

Why Nitehog

We use our extensive background in the optics and military imaging industries

We build each product from the ground up and we never outsource

Our products are created by multidisciplinary enthusiasts and professionals

We provide impeccable service and outstanding customer experiences

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