BOOMSLANG is an enhanced thermal imaging sight providing image clarity and precision for hunters who value tradition and pursue technology development.
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Nitehog Boomslang

Crystal clear picture

Boomslang's 60mm focal length and 60 Hz frame rate ensure a crystal clear picture and observation of any object with no lag. The sight provides 3.0x optical and 2x4x digital magnification, to be sure that absolutely no target will be missed.

Key features

Image details are ensured by the 640x480 sensor with a 12-micron pixel pitch and a high-quality display with 1024x768 pixel resolution. Boomslang enables you to record and save your hunting experience and easily download it via the product mobile application. A rotary on/off switch with tactile clicks mimics the traditional magnification bracelet, three ergonomic control buttons are carefully designed for easy access and maximum comfort when in operation and on top we developed the thermal sight with two user-programmable buttons allowing quick access to selected features.

Incredible detection range - more than 2300 meters

By matching our powerful F 1.2 lens with a sensitive cutting-edge sensor, BOOMSLANG provides incredible detection capabilities. A standard object of 1.8 meters can be spotted within more than 2300 meters away even in challenging outdoor conditions.

Guaranteed precision

BOOMSLANG has carefully passed a factory test before it is carefully packed in the box. We guarantee a standard deviation of up to 3 cm per 100-meter distance without any additional need of alignment.

Designed and manufactured in EU

BOOMSLANG is designed and developed by our in-house engineers. The turn-key production process allows us manufacture state-of-art products to meet every hunter's requirements. A mobile app and own LRF is one of the key features that are coming soon.

Sharp vision with Nitehog Image Razor

The Nitehog Image Razor technology enables our versatile software processing which applies different enhancements to ensure clear and sharp vision in a variety of environmental conditions such as fog, rain, snow, smoke, and total darkness. The level of those alterations depends on the customer’s preference to the image they see and can be applied to any scene.

Water resistance

BOOMSLANG carries the IP 66 certification

More than 2300 m

of detection range

Programmable buttons

for easy access to key features

Long battery life

BOOMSLANG has up to 6 hours of battery life

Mounting rail

ZM/VM to Picatinny mount INCLUDED

Sensitive lens

with F 1.2 to absorb more light and assure detailed and contrast image

Durable housing

made of resistant magnesium alloy
and matte anti-reflective coating

Extended warranty

to ensure maximum product lifespan (see our warrant conditions)

Image modes

BOOMSLANG offers a variety of image modes for different environments, situations and personal preferences.

White hot

White Hot is a versatile choice for observing urban areas and shifting landscapes that displays warmer objects in white and cooler objects in black.

Black hot

Black Hot displays warmer objects in black and cooler ones in white, which makes it a preferred mode among hunters and law enforcement.

Red hot

Red Hot is a recommended mode for prolonged observation. The red-black image minimizes blue light emissions from the display and reduces eyes strain from extended usage.


The isotherm mode colors objects above the threshold temperature in different shades of red. The temperature threshold can be set (increase/decrease) by the temperature scale available.


BOOMSLANG provides clear vision to hunters in the toughest conditions by significantly improving their vision.

First-call services

Due to its technical advantages, BOOMSLANG could easily be applied in emergency situations by policemen, firefighters, mountain rescuers.


Technical specification BOOMSLANG
Sensor size 640х480
Pixel pitch 12
Focal Length, Objective Lens 60 mm
F 1.2
Frame rate, Hz 60 Hz, progressive
Magnification 3x optical, 2x4x digital
Display resolution 1024×768
Battery life up to 6 h
Waterproof IP 66
Human detection range, m more than 2300
FOV, m/100m 12.80
Start up < 5 sec
Image modes white hot, black hot, red hot, isotherm
Accessories included ZM/VM mount, eyepiece, lens cap, battery set /2pcs/ 18650, battery charger,
Lenspen, lens cloth, neoprene cover

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In the box

To ensure your utmost experience with our product, BOOMSLANG comes bundled with a transportation box including ZM/VM mounting rail, lens cap, eyepiece, USB type-C cable, 2 pcs. battery set and a charger, Lenspen and a cleaning cloth.

Accessories for this product

BOOMSLANG comes with a ZM/VM mount in the box and is LRF ready. If you need your thermal sight to be equipped with an LRF that allows further hunting opportunities please, contact a deal near you for more information.

ZM/VM mounting rail

ZM/VM mounting rail

LRF for Boomslang

Laser Range Finder (LRF)

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