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CHAMELEON is a clip-on thermal device that ensures clear view in tough environmental conditions like rain, snow, smoke, fog, and darkness. It mounts directly in line with standard daytime rifle scopes and other observation devices, while providing standalone operability as well.
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Safe and stable

Inspired by an established military technology and based on our extensive development background, CHAMELEON is an outstandingly durable, stable, and reliable thermal imaging device that provides excellent quality.

Extended field of view

CHAMELEON allows you to observe more at one by providing an incredible 31-meter horizontal field of view.

X-Core Module

The X-Core is a contemporary hardware engine that uses dedicated video processing algorithms to provide incredible image quality with improved sensitivity.

Automatically clear bad pixels

When operating with thermal imaging devices, especially with scopes and front attachments, frequent shocks cause bright or dark dots to appear and cloud your sight. Thanks to the special Nitehog BPR algorithm, bad pixels are automatically corrected which allows you to save time and stay on track with a crystal-clear vision.

Reliable imaging

Based on our own sophisticated germanium objective lens with scratch resistant hard carbon coating, a 17-micron pixel pitch, and a 640x480 sensor size, CHAMELEON provides reliable image under challenging conditions with a 50 Hz interlaced frame rate.

Enhanced performance

Upgrade your outdoor vision by using three types of auto contrasting filters to be fully aware of any changes in your sight.

This filter quickly identifies abrupt changes in the scene’s dynamic, which makes it perfect for detection and observation.

This filter, based on the Nitehog Image Razor innovative technology, enhances objects by making their outlines sharper, which provides maximum performance at long distances.

This filter is providing stability in the image by overriding sudden changes, which makes it the best choice for observing panoramic scenes that combine forest and sky, earth and sky, scenes on the horizon, etc.

Sensitive lens

with F 1.2 to absorb more
light and assure detailed and contrast image


1x optical, 2x4x digital

Wi-Fi Ready

to wirelessly stream to your phone or tablet

Standby function

to shorten the device downtime

Long battery life

CHAMELEON has up to 4 hours of battery life

Water resistance

CHAMELEON carries the IP 66 certification

Stadiametric Rangefinder

to recognize the distance of any object you observe

Picture Recorder

for 20 images in the device’s internal memory

Extended Warranty

to ensure maximum product lifespan
(see our warrant conditions)

Image modes

CHAMELEON offers a variety of image modes for different environments, situations, and personal preferences.

White hot

White Hot is a versatile choice for observing urban areas and shifting landscapes that displays warmer objects in white and cooler objects in black.

Black hot

Black Hot displays warmer objects in black and cooler ones in white, which makes it a preferred mode among hunters and law enforcement.

Red hot

Red Hot is a recommended mode for prolonged observation. The red-black image minimizes blue light emissions from the display and reduces eyes strain from extended usage.


The isotherm mode colors objects above the threshold temperature in different shades of red. The temperature threshold can be set (increase/decrease) by the temperature scale available.

Nature enthusiasts

CHAMELEON gives a new level of environmental awareness to nature lovers, animal photographers and avid mountaineers.

Civil observation

CHAMELEON is an incredible asset for observing and preventing emergencies in large building sights and extended living areas.


CHAMELEON provides clear vision to hunters in the toughest conditions by significantly improving their aim.

First-call services

Due to its technical advantages, CHAMELEON could easily be applied in emergency situations by policemen, firefighters, mountain rescuers, and even emergency volunteers.

Technical Specifications

Technical specification Chameleon
Sensor size 640×480
Pixel pitch 17
Focal Length, Objective Lens 35 mm, Germanium Lens with hard Carbon coating
F 1.2
Frame rate, Hz 50 Hz, interlaced
Magnification 1x optical, 2x4x digital
Display resolution 600×800 AMOLED
Battery life up to 4 h
Possibility to use a battery extender
Dimensions 172/69/71 mm
Weight, kg (without battery, with battery, with battery extender) 0.51/0.55/0.67
Waterproof IP 66
Human detection range, m 978
Horizontal FOV, m/100m 31.14
Start up < 5 sec


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What’s in the box

To ensure your utmost experience, CHAMELEON comes bundled with a plastic transportation box, a reducing/counter ring key, Lenspen, a cleaning cloth, hand and neck straps, Akku charger, AkkuExtender, and a leather bag.

Additional accessories

CAIMAN is compatible with a variety of items available at additional purchase from our distributors. Please, contact a deal near you for more information.

CR123 rechargeable battery - 2 pcs./set

Photo adapter for Caiman/Chameleon

Battery compartment cap for Caiman/Chameleon

USB cable

Video Cable

Wifi Module

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